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Miquel Serrano-Martin, MBA

Partner & Marketing Director

Miquel believes in the power of creative energy at the team level and thrives in diverse professional ecosystems.


Miquel has over 15 years of marketing experience, focusing on strategy, planning and implementing integrated marketing communications campaign programs designed to build relationships and revenue. He is passionate about Business-to-Business marketing (B2B), using an innovative approach to testing, learning, and continuous improvement. He is an expert in developing marketing and communications strategies aligned to business strategy and sales.


He holds a Master of Business Administration, a Master in Marketing, and a Bachelor's Degree in International Business and Trade Management. Miquel can help you in English, French, Spanish and Catalan.


His track record of successful brand awareness, relationship-building, and team leadership is based on his professional philosophy that the best and most exciting work happens through constant innovation, robust change management, and strong networking practices.


In 2021 Miquel joined Something Creative agency to help your business develop strategic plans of action using ideas that generate a buzz.


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